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Indoor LED Screens & Indoor LED Displays Products

Indoor LED Screens & Indoor LED Displays ProductsMost indoor LED screens on the market are built-in using Surface-Mounted device (SMD) technology, we have our own SMD technology patented and we call it DOT Matrix, because the three primary colors (Red, Green and Blue) are placed in the same DOT and with our new design we are also making better new technology indoor LED screens.

This is also a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market, because DOT Matrix indoor LED displays have more viewing angle and also a nearer capability of viewing distance. Our indoor LED screens have a high brightness and vivid color mixture effect.

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According to the working environment, LED displays can be divided into indoor led screens, outdoor led screens and semi-outdoor led screens. There are some data in theory which can reflect the relationship between the pixel pitch and the best viewing distance.

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LED screens must be able to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and withstand extremely stormy or sandy storm weather. For manufacturers it is required that the LED screens meet the criterion for outdoor LED screens IP65, and for indoor LED screens IP20. So what do these criterion mean? And what does IP65 and IP20 stand for?

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Indoor LED screens and indoor LED displays are widely used as screens for the use of LED video walls, or for indoor concerts. It can also be used as screen for movie theaters, cinemas and auto-cinemas, like the mega IMAX theater screens. These types of electronic LED screens are always very high in quality and the resolution is much higher than a normal outdoor electronic LED display screen. But because the quality of indoor LED display screens for the interior it needed to be higher, the price per square meter is also much more than a normal outdoor LED display screen.